A showering of love

I’m not really a “pink” kinda girl so the idea of receiving an endless supply of pink jumpsuits, dresses, teddies and toys really didn’t appeal to me.

By not finding out our cub’s gender I’ve successfully managed to avoid any awkward gift openings throughout my whole pregnancy. This also made the theming of Baby Buzz’s Shower a slam dunk.

One of my amazing girlfriends willingly put her hand up to host and I gratefully accepted. She immediately suggested yellow, grey and white – I was wholeheartedly on board.

Bless her, she really did go above and beyond and took her party-planning duties seriously.

The end result was a fun and tasteful affair, complete with a delicious buffet of culinary treats, a sugar-lover’s dream of a cake and beautiful, thoughtful gifts for my guests.

We kept the games simple and fun – baby charades, guess the waistline, lollies in a bottle and pin the dummy on the baby….OK, maybe there was a bit of a tack but it’s all part of the fun, right?

Guests walked away with personalised popcorn, bags of sweet treats and a homemade jar of shower scrub.

Who doesn’t love a party where you give a gift and get one in return!


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