The babymoon :: how to do it right

It’s become a bit of a running joke in our social circle the amount of “babymoons” we have taken throughout my pregnancy.

It wasn’t intentional…we just planned a few trips that happened to coincide with it.

The term “babymoon” has been floating around since the 1970s, but its popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years.

It’s defined as {a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born} … AKA one last kid-free break!

I didn’t need to be sold on the concept…but I did have to bring my expectations down a notch.
Hawaii, Fiji, Bali and Thailand were all in the mix, but my energy levels, inability to sit down for long periods of time and constant nausea throughout the first trimester quickly brought us back to reality.

We already had a trip to Western Australia planned and it just happened to fall within the start of my second trimester.

Swimming with whale sharks…while feeling like a whale

Our first destination was Exmouth, Western Australia…home to the elusive whale shark.
From Brisbane, it’s a five-hour flight to Perth, plus a two-hour flight to Learmonth…with a six-hour layover in between; not something I’d recommend doing in Perth Airport.

I wore compression socks and nausea wrist bands to combat any unwanted sickness and they did the trick!

Tip: book a seat at the back of the plane or near some toilets. You’ll want to stretch your legs while flying and a few trips to the bathroom are inevitable.

Swimming with the whale sharks was a once in a lifetime. It’s on many a thrill seeker’s bucket list and I can’t recommend it enough. Definitely one to do before the kids come along though!

Photo: Kiss the Dolphin

Photo: Kiss the Dolphin

If you’re worried about getting sea sick on the boat, just pop a few Blackmore’s Travel Calm Ginger tablets! They’re preventative, so make sure you take them BEFORE you get on the boat.

Dreaming of Daydream Island

For our second babymoon, we opted for a domestic break somewhere in the Whitsundays. All I wanted to do was to sit by the pool in the sun and sip mocktails.

We stumbled across a deal on Luxury Escapes to Daydream Island. It ticked all the boxes: short flight, one-stop-shop resort and pools. We were sold.


While the resort isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (it needs a little TLC), it’s the perfect option if you just want to sit back and relax. Endless pools, a private beach, spa, a swim-up bar, restaurants (with kid-free zones!!!) all within walking distance…. what more could you want?

If you want to do a day trip to Whitehaven Beach or Hamilton Island, a boat will arrive right at your doorstep. You can expend as little or as much energy as you like!

Plus, with the deal we purchased we got a complimentary photo session which offered a nice little keepsake and a chance to capture some precious bump photos.

Weekend escapes

14102636_10154018601119601_5496922456322965778_nLiving in south east Queensland we really are blessed to be close to so many amazing destinations.

We usually try and book a getaway at least once every two months and we didn’t hold back on doing this throughout my pregnancy.
We’ve enjoyed weekend breaks to the Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour and Noosa and all of them have been the perfect slice of sun and relaxation, the chance to recharge the batteries and the opportunity to spend quality time together with just the two of us.

Other great places I can recommend for a short break include:

Wherever you decide to take your babymoon, just make sure you relax, do a few things you know aren’t going to be as easy once you have your baby, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Your life is about to completely change forever so make the most of those precious last few months of solitude.

C Buzz x


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