6 symptoms of the last 6 weeks

Pregnancy book after pregnancy book will tell you, the first trimester sucks, the second is the  honeymoon period and the third is just like the first…only you’re bigger.

With less than six weeks to go I feel like I’ve entered a new phase of my pregnancy. The arrival of our cub is so close, but at the same time feels so, so far away.

IMG_20160905_200607The reality of the situation has started to kick in.

In 6 weeks I’ll be responsible for a tiny human…this little person is going to be 100% reliable on me for absolutely everything.

It’s brought on a lot of feelings of “Oh but I haven’t done this in my life yet”, “I’m going to lose all my independence”, “I’m never going to have a moment to myself ever again” and “Holy crap, it’s no longer going to be just the two of us ever, EVER again.”

It’s also the point where I’ve started to get REALLY excited. We are going to have one of our very own…this little person will love us unconditionally, will look at us with absolute adoration and will be all ours…belong completely to us.

The 34-week mark also intensified some of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing throughout my pregnancy. Everything felt heightened and there is literally no escape from them.

Here’s 6 of them:

Symptom 1 :: Groin groans

Here’s one they keep quiet…excruciating, sometimes unbearable pain in your groin. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise…I’m carrying a lot of extra weight and my pelvis has spent the last 7 months expanding, but that still doesn’t make it OK.

The pain has gotten so bad that every time I roll over in bed at night, I literally gasp as it shoots through my upper inner thighs.

Stretching helps for a whole of 5 minutes, but apart from that, there really is no relief. One of those things you just have to ride out…

Symptom 2 :: Lower back niggles

This is one I’ve experienced throughout my whole pregnancy, but the pain shifted slightly come the 34-week mark. My belly became “stiff” which means my posture’s all out, and when I sit down the pressure is just a bit too much.

Best relief? A hot water bottle.

Symptom 3 :: Your eyes become bigger than your stomach

Everything’s just that little bit more squished during the late stages of pregnancy, and the stomach is no exception. There’s not a lot of room in there so it doesn’t take much to get full (and uncomfortable).

The other night I ate so much by the time I went to bed it took two episodes of House before I felt like I could breathe again steadily enough to fall asleep.

Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your belly. Make a call before you go that step too far…you’ll regret it if you don’t!

http://pregnancyhumor.com/blog/2015/04/13/10-funny-pregnancy-memes-featuring-animals/Symptom 4 :: You get HUGE

I remember complaining to some of my mummy friends once my tummy started gaining traction, claiming that I couldn’t even imagine it getting any bigger. They just laughed. I get it now.

After the 6-week countdown began I started to expand every day. My belly grew a mind of its own and decided to “pop” even more.

The other day when I got home from work, I sat down and literally wanted to detach it and place it down next to me. Alas, no such luck.

Symptom 5 :: Tiredness takes over

At the end of a working day I’m DONE. Driving home from work my eyes even start to droop…to the point where Dan has informed me we will be carpooling from next week onwards.

Some days I get home, plonk onto the couch and will literally stay there until bed time.

Growing a baby is tiring and I figure I need to get as much rest now as possible, so why not!

http://funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/4989738/Maybe+it+s+maybeline/#!Symptom 6 :: Your hair is freaking a-Mazing!

It’s not all bad. There are some perks to being pregnant, and for me it’s definitely been the health of my hair.

Pre-pregnancy I had to wash it every second day. Now, I can get away with four or five days of not having to go to the effort. It’s smoother, softer and healthier than it’s ever been.

You’ve got to take the wins when you can and this is definitely one that makes life easier.

C Buzz x


One thought on “6 symptoms of the last 6 weeks

  1. Ria murray says:

    I loved every single minute of my pregnancy even the niggles but I have to be honest , I was glad when our due date arrival only to go over by 6 days! X


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