7 reasons to stay at Big4 North Star Holiday Park in Hastings Point

Holidays change a bit when you have kids. No more quiet dinners or wild nights out. No more romantic walks along the beach or sleep ins.

But, it doesn’t mean the fun stops.

Camping is such a great holiday option when you have little ones. The kids can run amuck and play with the kids from neighbouring sites. They can head off to the playground to burn off some energy. And they can get down and dirty with nature.

We recently spent a long weekend at the Big4 North Star Holiday Park in Hastings Point…and it was an absolutely awesome adventure!

It would have to be one of the best holiday parks around for families and the perfect place to escape for a short (or long) break.

Here’s why it’s so great:

  1. Ensuite camp sites

Yep, you read that right. You can book a campsite with your very own bathroom. No more fumbling around in the dark to find the closest (communal) facilities. It’s literally right on your doorstep. It makes things so much easier come bath time and gives you that element of glamping.

  1. Walk to the beach

This park’s great position means you can literally walk to the beach and a great little estuary that is perfect for the kids! Perfect for those early morning wake-ups where you need to remove your noisy kids from the close proximity to everyone else.


  1. Kids club right on your doorstep

Is this not reason enough to book now! They accept kids over 3, giving parents some much needed downtime.

  1. Water park fun

This area provides hours of entertainment for both the kids and adults! The splash park is fun for children of all ages and the waterslides into the pool are great for the big kids!

  1. Cook like a gourmet chef

Cooking while camping can often be hard work and your options usually aren’t varied….sausages and baked beans come to mind. A fully-equipped camp kitchen will make whipping up a gourmet spread a breeze. There’s also a bunch of seating in there if the weather turns on you.

  1. All you can eat breakfast

Rough night? Can’t be bothered dragging all the cooking utensils out? The good news is there’s a licensed café in the park that offers a full buffet breakfast. Plus, you won’t have to do the dishes!

  1. Adult oasis

Need to escape the kids? There’s an adults-only area that’s complete with a gym, lap pool and spa. Palm the little ones off to your camping buddies for the afternoon and indulge in some quiet time…just like a holiday should be.

C Buzz x


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