8 Things To Do In Baby’s First 8 Weeks

Surviving the first few months after having a baby is no easy feat. Sleep deprivation will rear its ugly head, your body will be trying to recover and you have a tiny human whose life depends entirely on you. Having just celebrated 9 beautiful weeks with little Benny, I had some time to reflect on … Continue reading 8 Things To Do In Baby’s First 8 Weeks


Welcome, Benjamin Ringo Buzzard

On Thursday, 20 October at 4.04pm Daniel and I welcomed little Benjamin Ringo Buzzard into the world. Weighing in at an impressive 8lb 9oz (4.05kg) and measuring 56.5cm in length, he’s everything we could have asked for... and more! After spending two nights in the hospital, we proudly (and slightly anxiously) brought him home on … Continue reading Welcome, Benjamin Ringo Buzzard